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  1. Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Practical One
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  3. Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Self-Indulgent Security Lover
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Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Practical One

Both great lovers of peace, beauty, art, and music, the two together are capable of building a wonderful, harmonious relationship together that is full of everything they both crave. These two are also different in all the right ways as well. They can also be like oil and water in many other ways as well. Aquarians are innovative while Taureans are traditional. Aquarius thinks broadly in humanitarian terms while Taurus is more concerned with its immediate environment. Often Aquarius finds Taurus too needy and clingy, while Taurus finds Aquarius far too cold and flighty.

Zodiac Compatibility

Gemini : Not least among their issues, Taurus and Gemini possess two very different energy levels. Gemini is flighty and even hyper at times, while Taurus is all about being slow and steady. Unions between these two are generally very short-lived and do not generally lead to long-term commitment. This is another astrology love match that tends to have a shorter shelf life when it occurs, as opposed to a longer one. Taurus : As is the case when it comes to many two-of-a-kind matches, two Taurus natives together can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they both share a strong desire to make money, achieve security, and maintain a peaceful environment for them both to enjoy.

On the other hand, this has a tendency to be a union that lacks enough excitement to keep it interesting over time. However, if both individuals maintain separate interests and find a way to curb their possessive Taurean tendencies, this could certainly be a union built to last. However, both of these signs have a tendency to be possessive and argumentative when things get thorny. If Scorpio and Taurus can find a way to become more tolerant of one another, think before they act, and give each other sufficient room to move, this union has a chance.

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Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Self-Indulgent Security Lover

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Finding the Zodiac Compatibility between You and Your Partner

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